The Restored Man, releasing January 14, 2019

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30 Days of Hope for Hurting Marriages, released September 2016

by Randy & Melody Hemphill

30 Days of Hope for Hurting Marriages offers married couples validation for the struggles they face. Filled with honest reflections from their own marriage and near divorce, each devotion contains Scripture, questions to consider and discuss, and a glimpse into emotions couples experience—anger, confusion, sadness, hopelessness—when their relationship is strained. There is hope for your marriage. You can persevere through this season of despair and come out on the other side with hope and, by God’s grace, a stronger marriage!


























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Every Marriage Needs a Divorce:  The Pathway to Healing and Hope, released April 2010

by Randy & Melody Hemphill

Every marriage needs a divorce.  What exactly does that mean?  We hope couples will take the time to see why we believe that every marriage does need a divorce.  But, we are not referring to the the kind of divorce that one might think.  Not a legal divorce.  Not giving up on marriage.  Not throwing in the towel.  We are talking about a divorce of another that will ultimately lead to the marriage that couples long for.  We came to a crossroads in 2003 where divorce seemed like the most logical option for us.  But instead of giving up, we chose to divorce the old relationship and embrace something new.  Our story shows the redemptive work of God.  We truly believe there is always hope.